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If you were aware of anything in the 1980s, or know anyone that was, then you know about Smarties’ advertising campaign that begged the question ‘do you eat the red ones last?’

I am still psychologically scarred from that ad campaign. I cannot open a box of Smarties without thinking twice about whether or not I should save the red ones until the end.

Do the red ones taste better? Not remotely. Smarties, unlike their fruity and delicious confectionary cousin Skittles, do not differentiate flavour between the colours of the rainbow. Green tastes like red tastes like yellow tastes like blue. Is it a multi-cultural statement on Nestle’s dream of a world that truly understands we are all the same inside?

Unfortunately, Nestle has made some iffy choices as of late, so I can no longer enjoy a box of Smarties without worrying whether or not the profits are going toward draining more water out of an already drought-stricken town’s limited supply.

However, until I am breathing my last breath, I shall always wonder whether if I should have saved the red ones until last. How about you? Do you eat the red ones last?