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Here at Intelligent Irrelevance, we don’t aim to offend.

I guarantee someone will be offended by today’s query.

Jediism is a real thing. See here: http://www.templeofthejediorder.org/

For people that have somehow missed the Star Wars ubiquity of the past thirty-five years, the Jedi are an order that has sworn to uphold the laws and peace of the Old Republic. They fail miserably, but redeem themselves, to a point, by the end of the whole mess.

The Jedi follow a rather strict code, and fans of the films (or maybe they’re not fans, they just like the whole Jedi thing) have taken that code and turned it into a nontheistic religion of sorts.

Now, here’s where things could get me in trouble.

What if Christianity was started much the same way? What if the George Lucas of a few thousand years ago was sitting around the stewpot and started cracking off stories about a dude that could heal with his bare hands and make miracles happen without even really trying? And then what if all of that guy’s friends thought his story was pretty cool? And then what if all his friends’ friends started LINING UP AROUND THE BLOCK FOR DAYS WAITING TO HEAR THIS DUDE TELL MORE STORIES?


It could work for nearly every religion. Someone started telling some stories, based in truth or not, and other people started liking those stories.

People like Star Wars. Not everybody. But there is a fairly large chunk of the population that enjoys these films, and a good-sized morsel of those people that follow this new movement of Jediism.

Who’s to say that in one thousand years we won’t be celebrating Life Day and reciting the 21 maxims of the Jedi Council? What say you? Is Jediism the next big thing in organized religion?